With the seemingly ever expanding and changing number of, often overlapping, formulae, the former distinction of Grand Prix, Formula 2 and 3 no longer works well. Recognising this, we have produced a series of Year Books starting with 2000. These cover all races run to the more important formulae, basically defined as “Formula 3 and above”.
These include a full entry list, starting grid and full results for every race, including race times, and final championship tables. Chassis numbers are given for F1, including unused spare cars.
It might be thought “Oh, there’s no point in these books because it’s all on the web.” Well so it may be but that doesn’t mean to say it’s correct. Also you have to find where it is and we have noticed that material is disappearing from the web, especially for the earlier years, as sites close down or archive material disappears following site re-designs. We have found all sorts of discrepancies which we have attempted to resolve.

Latest Titles





FORMULA 3 500cc & 1000cc

VOLUME 11 (2017)


The next volume in the Formula One Register series documenting Historic Formula Junior and Formula 3 500cc and 1000cc racing is now available. It has been decided to cover a single year in this volume as the high number of races for the Diamond Jubilee World Tour, including New Zealand and the USA, has increased the number of events.

The format is the same as previous volumes – All Formula Junior races WORLD-WIDE are included. Also included are 1.0 litre and 500cc Formula 3 races.

Each race is covered with entry list, chassis numbers, grid positions, full results with race times and competitors’ fastest laps and for all World Tour races and most European races there is a race report. Participation in multi-class races in Australia, New Zealand and the USA are included in a more summarised form, where known.


Published as a Limited Edition of 65 copies, the book runs to over 250 pages, hard bound to match the earlier volumes, numbered and signed.


Indy Lights Results


This record covers all eras of the Indy Lights series starting in 1986, running up to the present. We believe that this is a unique record of an important class of racing that is not available anywhere else as a single source of reference. Customers should be aware that it is a copy of our records, as they stand at the time of printing, rather than a book with fixed content. Therefore corrections and additions are very welcome.

The format is our usual one – each race is covered with entry list, grid positions, full results with race times and fully indexed. Please note that there are no race descriptions or photographs.

It is 350 pages and is supplied hard-bound in black covers in the general style of our other publications, but customers should be aware that as these are printed for each order, the standard of production may be a little below professionally printed standards. Also, because of the need to format and print the records it may take longer than normal to dispatch the order.

Please e-mail with any queries :

Formula 4 Results Two Seasons Combined


In March 2013 the FIA announced the creation of Formula 4 as a stepping stone between karting and F3 for young drivers. It soon became clear that Formula 4 was going to hasten the demise of the few remaining national F3 championships. Although the Formula One Register has not previously covered “fourth-tier” classes, now that there is a FIA recognised structure which, as mentioned, seems to be standing in the place of National Formula 3, we have decided to keep records of Formula 4 results.

We are now able to make these records available on a print-to-order basis.